by - 2:46 PM

Many of men,
swifted, swerved,
swept and whipped
up, down,
right to left.

They opened eyes
to contumacious
flame flickered up.

Many asleep ones
fell off from their beds
violently ushered back
into reality by the
vibration and radiation
of the fire outbreaks.

They are now wide-eyed
The world has becomes silent
behind some their families,
their pains has increased,
their matter has worsened,
their homes has been

These were done by those
ungrateful ingrates whose
stock in trade was
character assassination.

They have created
an epidemic of,
a silent scourge,
the explosion of
mental illness
to the small community.

A deep darkness
had enveloped them,
their circumstances
had made the dark
Even more omnious.
The monster in them
Is awake!
© Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel

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