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Have you ever wonder why; you just can’t seem to pass well despite the fact that you know about what it takes to pass? There are just seems to be a gap between what you know and what you do actually do. The gap is between knowledge and action.
Over the years, I have experience different people who feels frustrated and unable to pass their examination well. Quite a few indicated that they have read a lot of books and attending a lot of tutorials over the years acquired a wealth of knowledge in this way, but for some reason they just couldn’t past reading materials to actually passed the examination in flying color.
Often this was accompanied by a sense of frustration and the feeling that perhaps such things just don’t work, or at least not for them. That is usually how we get to feel when there is a gap between our knowledge and our actions. The gap is when you know what to do and how to do it, but you just can’t get to actually doing it. All I noticed in most cases, most people attending classes and tutorials put the materials on their shelves afterwards and pretty much not act on the information, even though at the time they received it they were very enthusiastic and excited about it. But somehow, as the days go by, the routine of daily life gets in the way and the initial zeal just dies out.
It was a tutorial session that I came to realize what exactly that gap was, I found out that the missing ingredient is usually:
Clarity: it is a lack of clarity that keep us stack in a certain pattern. By lack of clarity I mean three basic things- i. your fear ii. feeling powerless iii. Lack of focus
i. Your fear: by far the biggest obstacle to taking action is your fear. These may be fear that you are aware of, but quite often it is fears that you may not even consciously aware of. For example, many people you might like to start reading by plan your personal timetable but may be you find yourself unable to take next step by following the personal routine. Something holds you back; until you recognize and deal with that issue you may find yourself stuck.
ii. Feeling powerless-  the second obstacle is powerless. Powerless occurs when you are living in a state of low power, in this state you will found that you generally feel less energetic blame on yourself or others, are judge-mental of self and others and at times even angry. 
iii. Lack of focus: focus is the main ingredient of success. You can achieve almost everything with focus. Like my father used to say “when you focus well your foresight will be sharp and clearly visible to you”
© Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel

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