The greatest African Magician: Professor Pella

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Moshood Folorunsho Abiola popularly known as Professor Peller was the most successful and most brilliant magician in africa even after his death, it is not certain that his records has been broken by any other magicians in Africa.
During his days he performed in almost every country in Africa, and not only before princes and the elites, but also held king spellbound with his magic.
Professor Peller was born in Iseyin and attended Moslem School Iseyin and Native Authority Primary School Iseyin. He started performing magic in 1954. He later travelled to Ibadan, Lagos and Oyo for Performance. He later change his work and work as representative of G.B.O and later moved into trading. His interest magic continued and in 1964, he attended a school of Magical arts in India, where he spent 18months at the school and after completion, settled in Liberia in1966, he had his first show at Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos.
Professor Peller mostly dressed in black tails, a top hat, a wand in one hand, black shoes and well-cut hair. Professor of Psychiatry, Femi Oyebode at the University of Birmingham described Peller and his shows in 1972 at the George V stadium in Lagos, which is now Onikan stadium. he was a perfect picture of debonair gentleman and was assisted by an attractive woman. He flicked his white handkerchief and a white dove flew out . He pulled at his cufflinks and flowers bloomed under his command. He was confident, majestic. He was suave and graceful. He levitate his assistant. He cut her into two without drawing blood, he locked her in a cupboard, chained up several times over yet she disappeared! It was masterly performance.
Another performance by Professor Peller; during magical show he slice his wife into two and then put her back together again.
Later in 2012, the 66years old lady Peller was interviewed and asked about the incident and she insisted that Peller actually cut her into two and she even sustained some light injuries. Professor Peller remained the greatest magician in the history of Nigeria. Many Nigerians believed that magic in Nigeria died along with him.

He was a wonderful father and some of his children are as follows:

-SABURI (aka Pastor Kayode Abiola): Now a pastor, he was born in October 1960 and practised magic like his late father. He gained some degree of prominence before squandering the profits on women, cars and ultimately, drugs. Peller tried his best to assist Kayode when he was alive, he fought with him, took him to court, all to no avail. He later became a changed man after the demise of his father and the dwindling of his own magic firm, which he named Fantastic Young Peller.

-NIKE: Probably the most well-known of the Peller children, Nike Peller is a popular face in the Nigerian movie industry where she featured in many Yoruba flicks. On the 20th of November, 2010, she was made a traditional chief and was conferred upon the title ‘Yeye Agbasaga’ (the Custodian and Promoter
of Culture) of Erin Osun, near Osogbo, Osun State.


He was described as a very romantic man. His most prominent wife, Alhaja Silifat, fell in love with him while she was still in the secondary school. She confessed that she had always admired him and his performances even before then and each time she watched him perform, her heart fluttered with affection for the fine magician with tribal marks.
In 1967, Iseyin Grammar School in Oyo State became the place where Peller planted the seed of love even if he was there to perform but was carried away by the ravishing young beauty in the crowd called Silifat. Hear her: “I am sure he must have been attracted to me because of my beauty. So, he just whispered to me: ‘Baby, you are beautiful.’ And I said, ‘Thank you.’ He didn’t ask me out that day. For quite a long time, we were friends.” For a couple of years more, they continued dating and Lady Peller said after two years, she said yes to his advances. They got married in 1971 and they already had a child by then. For a man who was a showstopper at
any events, it is no surprise that not a few women fell for the enchanting spell of Nigeria’s most famous magician. He was a man of many women and married many of them. However, the best known
of these ladies, with whom he performed his magic tricks is Alhaja Silifat Adeboyin Peller.
The whole of Nigeria knew her as Lady Peller and she is most famous for the act in which she was ‘sliced’ into pieces by Peller and had a hard time putting her back. Now 66 years of age with her husband gone
and not remarrying, she is tending to her grandchildren while reminiscing over the glittering wonders of an empire of magic that once held sway. Lady Peller was born in Kishi, Oyo State where her father was the Chief Imam and had five children for him, while also raising many other step-children.

However, unknown to many, their rosy marriage later had a deep crack to the extent that they were not staying together anymore. When Peller was killed at his Onipanu residence, he was in Lagos State for a function while Lady Peller was living at the GRA, Ikeja. Although they were not officially separated as they still saw regularly, Peller checked on her in Ikeja but met her absence. As at that time, they had already reconciled and were even planning on coming back together before Peller was prematurely silenced by the assassin’s bullets. Peller left a message for her to check on him as he was not feeling well and was rushed to Ibadan for treatment. Lady Peller was furious as to why he was taken to Ibadan since they had family doctors at the Ajayi Memorial Hospital and the EKO Hospital in Lagos but upo getting to Ibadan, she was simply told
that Peller was dead.

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