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The street were quiet for a Friday night in the bustling metropolis. Simisola clenched the collar of her jacket tighter around her neck. The wind was starting to pick up , and the chill shows the hammatan season for the beginning of December. Her heels clicked along the damp cobblestones of the ancient sidewalks as she headed towards her apartment. The evening's rain made the walk way slick, and she had to take extra care while walking home in her four-inch stilletos.
The city had been her home for sometimes, so walking home alone by herself at night never bothered her. As an independent twenty - something; living on her own, she was expected to maintain a strong front or maybe it was the licence to carry a concealed weapon that gave her extra confidence to walk the streets at night.
It was nothing prepared her for her heel getting caught within the rough cobblestones, which caused her to stumble and take a wrong step towards the street. In attempt to regain her balance, her other ankle twisted underneath her.without option she puts her arms in front of her face brace herself, trying not to think about the pain her skin would endure colliding with rough pavement...
Until an unexpected hand grabbed a hold of her arm just before her head greeted the asphalt.
She remained motionless in the stranger's arms for a moment, giving herself some time allowing the shock wash over her. As she composed herself, she shook her head and glanced towards the individual who just saved her from needing a nose job.

She looked into the guy's eyes; the feeling was almost nostalgic, but by the time she realised she was still staring he had already helped her on her feet.
The was tall and at his best he would be considered stringy. Long legs and arms gave him a gangly look. His face was gaunt, his cheekbones sunken. His eyes were a deep pure gray that promised honesty. He was dressed casually for a Friday night. 
Em...mmm... She blinked, unable to find the right words to say,
A simple 'thank you' should serve.
His words purred through a familiar foreign accent. She couldn't place it, but she knew that she could listen to it for hours if she had the choice.
Oh! ... Sure ... Thank you. She started brushing herself off in an almost awkward way, anything she could to avoid his gaze.
I didn't even hear you... Simisola shrugged.
I know Simisola, he gave a smirk.
You probably would have been safer taking those shoes off and walking home in bare feet.
He winked and before she could ask any other question, he was already continuing on his way. The fact that the guy mentioned her name makes her stand still and puzzled.
How did he knows my name ?  She was curious.

After some minutes she continued her walk home but this time with bare feet as the guy advice her. 

She get home and retire on her bed, the strike light of the past come up to her face.
Simisola has never come across attractive guy that doesn't request for her phone digits. She has already broke her vow not to disappoint her mother. She was a mum's daughter. She was raised by her mother while her father was on the run when the news of pregnancy caught him unaware. Through the thin and thick her mother make sure she sends her to university. Simisola performed excellently in the university. She went for National Youth Service Corp. Unfortunately for her, while she was looking for house to rent at her allocated, she was attacked by some hoodlums and she was defiled. She was devastated. She decided to be a victim of circumstances. She turns bad...
To be continued...
© Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel

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