Letter To Kayode

by - 12:31 AM

                                    23, April 2018
Dear Kayode,
It has been a while since we wrote each other and I hope that you have or
will reconsider your choice of being loyal to King Agidi. I fear you do not truly
understand what the king has done to us and that you are only seeing his façade.
One of the many injustices King Agidi has committed is refusing to create business
friendly environment for us. Yes, he is the king of the nation but he doesn’t have
abuse our intelligent with his act of denial. He has never been in some colonies in
the nation so he doesn’t really understand what it’s like here and how we’ve really
struggled to make the ends meet as a youth of the nation. He doesn’t know what
would be best for us .
Also, his soldiers and guard have treated us unfairly. The men sent by the king to
“protect” us slayed many innocent unarmed men in the street due to their
greediness and corruptible minds and brains of theirs.
On top of everything else the king and his men have done to put us by heavy
taxes on everything we own including our properties, paper and foods. Many other
patriots will agree when I say that we don’t want a government and a leader that
will abuse us with their power. We should have a government that will use its
power to protect us. The people should be able to have some say in the laws that
get passed and we should vote for a leader that will understand us and grew up in
the conditions we did, not like snobbish royalty. Though we are different, men,
women, children, wealthy, poor, we are all equal and we all have equal rights. We
have to live our lives the way we want to. We have the freedom to choose our
leader soon. We have to choose it right .
©Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel

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