Letter to you

by - 4:42 PM

Dear you,
The you that had been through a lot. The you that almost least everything. Remember that your life does not stop here. You are not yet at the end, not even close. Even though life gets tougher every day, you must keep fighting, you must keep going. If the world doesn’t help you, let it be. Help yourself, look beyond where you are, seek for greater glory. Pray. you might think your prayer is not answering but he is already taking action. He’ll help you but you must also help yourself.
The world won’t stop if you’ll end everything now. Let yourself be remembered for fighting what’s killing you within not by letting what’s within kill you. You know yourself that you are strong, that capable of doing the impossible. Do things for greater good. You might feel alone, empty and lonely but know that there are people who wanted to be with you, people that miss you. Fill yourself with happiness and fun memories. Don’t let the world stop you for it won’t stop for you.
Fight with all you’ve got but remember that it’s okay to stop sometimes. It’s okay to be weak. It’s always okay to cry when you’ve had enough but that doesn’t mean you already gave up. Crying is not only for the weak, crying is for those who weep.
After all the crying, stand up, stand tall and face the world again. Take it with courage and pride. You’ve been through a lot and that gives you an advantage. Everything won’t be easy but you’ll know for sure how to deal with it.

©Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel

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