Day Dream

by - 10:05 AM

The smell of the air that was full of the scent of food cooking & pots bubbling on the gas cooker wakes me up.
I thought in my mind that this package would not let the rodent stay away from the house. Sitting on a well foamed chair suddenly the world of sound fell abruptly away from me, a vast picture appeared before my eyes, a picture teeming with so much meaning that I could not react to it all at once. I lay my eyes unblinking, my heart pounding , my lips slightly open, my breath coming and going so softly that it seemed I was not breathing at all. The sky was low and dark.
The wind blew , the picture of my lovely father was the one I was gazing at. Tears prick under my eyelids, my eyeballs was drenched with tears when I realized that he’s far away from me. He was smiling grimly at me. My mind whirling with images born of multitude of impulses.
Now I realized that I have knelt so long that my blood heed almost stopped and needle-like pains shot up from the bottom of my feet to the calves of my legs.
When I opened my eyes I saw that daylight stood outside my dirty window just above my head. Oooooooh! Aaaaaaaarghrrrr!!!
So it was a dream…..

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