Tasted Before Ripped

by - 7:31 AM

That kid
That kid has a steaming story to tell
Something the little soul longs to tell
No one is ever noticing
The child might probably lose it

No one cared to care
Leaving the young chap scared
Dad isn’t aware
Mum is minding her wears

What a poor kid
Hoarding much within
All is against the kid’s tender will
If someone would only sit and stay still

That kid has a story to tell
There isn’t someone so darling and dear
That would notice and hear
How the child self esteem fell
Like a pack of ceramics shoveled from the shelf

Something happened when I got back from school
That wasn’t really cool
No one is ever waiting at home
To hear of the day’s gloom

I was that kid
Covered with heaps of painted pains and deep deceptions
Unwilling I took it
Frustration fill my soul that night I left the womb
I was simple and simply six-sincere and dear ,I was suppose to be with my darling dolls in my playroom
But where was I
Where do I live?

I live in the cold cupboard of taunting torture
In the arms of a deceiving deceiver,a liar
My uncle
He kissed my pale knuckles
He said: ‘see what you do to me’
He placed my hand on something so big,hard,so scary
Like a rattling snake anxious to unveil its venom
He pushed me, hit me and tore me wide open
Like a door with rusted hinges
Coarsed my skin skillfully, with keening desires
Threatened me never to say a word not a sound to any soul
Even though I wanted to speak there was none to listen
I tried finding comfort in my shadow, the only friend that listen and leaves
This kid has a story to tell

I heard the walls cracked open
Breathing on me like a wounded pig
Grunting and panting like one chased by a destructive dem on
Unleashing terrible terrifying terrific terrors
An inhumane human
My tears were cold to his touch my soul was iced but inside of me fire burns
Uncle it hurts
He was deaf to my words
Pain again exploded in my brain like a bomb of fire
Bang… Explosion.. Intrusion… Destruction to my pride; my possession
The touch penetrated into my skin leaving imprints no water can wash
I seem mentally drained and deranged,I wanted to pull my skin off tear off the flesh and free my soul

That kid has a story to tell
No one is there to listen
Memories hunts my dream
And ruins my day
What I’m I leaving for?
I need Amnesia
Holding that killer pill
Ending my life at the end of one two three
I am dead
The child in me died that day

So I mourn for my infant skin
My innocence stolen
My virginity
My smile
Lied to,led on
It was my mother I accuse
I gave birth to anger
I nursed hatred
Breast-feeding sorrows
This kid has a story to tell

Listen to my cries
Listen to the truth in my lies
Listen before my soul dies
Listen to my painful tears
Listen to me

Let’s speak to put a stop to child molestation and rape.

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