The Tragedian

by - 7:13 AM

I tranquilize,
I ruminate,
I gesticulate,
Dawn encapsulate the day,
Trag enters my tragus,
This makes me act like a tragedian.
Sun rises in the sky,
More challenges comes my way.
I sighed,
I scared,
I fear,
I’m Afraid of myself,
I have seen the gnashed behind glowing smiles,
And unseen tears that rains down cheek.
I have known those you know not I know,
Which rumbles through my soul day and night,
I have heard,
The silent groaning in anguish,
And wish I’d just help,
I had always want to change the world.
Then I looked at the man in mirror,
And start the change from him….
©Eyitayo Fasasi

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