Be Careful of . . .

by - 3:00 PM

A man was enjoying an afternoon in a small fishing boat on peaceful lake. He fished as he munched on a chocolate bar. The weather was perfect, his cell phone was turned off, and all he could think about was how happy he was. Just then he spotted a snake in the water with a frog in its mouth. He felt sorry for the frog, so he scooped up the snake with his handling net, took the frog out of its mouth, and tossed it to safety. Then he felt sorry for the snake. He broke off a piece of his chocolate bar, gave it to the snake, and placed it back in the water, where it swam away. There, he thought. The frog is happy, the snake is happy, and now he is happy again. A few minutes later, he heard a bump on the side of the boat. He looked over the side, and there was the snake again. This time it had two frogs in his mouth!The moral of the story is : be careful what you reward, because whatever gets rewarded gets done.

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