Etiquette of Fashion

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There are some etiquette of Fashion that shows the real understanding of Fashion in you. The following rules are :
1. Bottom button is NEVER done, ever.  If you are a lady or gentleman in a suit, blazer, or sport coat then you will have a 1-3 (rarely 4 or more) button closure on the front of your jacket.  The three button coat is the classic and thus the rule on coat etiquette is derived from it.  An easy way to remember button etiquette is the “sometimes, always, never” rule.  This is in the order of top, middle, and bottom button.  To expand this to two and one button coats think of it this way: a two button coat has the middle and bottom button and a one button coat just has the middle button.  This rule is applied to topcoats and outerwear alike.  The rule is broken when: you are in a service uniform or it is a piece of outerwear and it is VERY cold.  Note: yes this applies to double breasted items and vests as well. No hats indoors.  Got it gents? Gals?  If you are in a place of worship that requires a hat, don’t that guy–keep on the hat.  If you are at the royal wedding, ladies: make that hat HUGE.  If you are in the service and armed, yup: hat indoors. Black does not match everything.  If you wear black, don’t wear navy or brown. Shoes should be darker than pants.  This is a classic rule, and if you’re not skilled in shoe matching, stick with this-you’ll be fine.  This is a scenario where black and navy is fine (black shoes + navy suit = the sharp dressed Duke and Duchess of Cambridge).                                                2 Match your leathers.  Your shoes, belt, and pocketbook should at the very least compliment each other and your outfit.  Want to play on hard mode?  Match your wallet, watch strap, and gloves as well. Pants break matters.  Pants are narrower today than they were before, embrace it.  Full break pants are conservative.  Half break pants are modern business.  No break is modern.  Negative break is European…ABORT.  If you want less of a break in your pants the opening needs to be small.  No break pants look fashionable with crazy socks and small openings, but they look like a mistake with huge openings that allow them to flop all over the place with each step.  3. Show 1/8-1/4 inch of your shirt sleeve when your arms are down by your side resting in your suit.  This looks cool, trust me. Match your metals.  Metals on your outfit should compliment the outfit and each other.  Jewelry and cufflinks are easy.  Belt buckles are tough.  Watches are even harder.  Wedding rings are impossible.
Colors and patterns are by season.  Heavy tweeds and loud pattern pants : fall and winter.  Pops of neon and pastels: summer and spring.  There is a lot of things that could be said here instead I will say this: use common sense and beware of ties and scarves.

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