Fall into Bliss...

by - 2:55 PM

fall into bliss,
her hands tracing your face,
stoking down your cheek…
a smile plays on you lips..
“this is nice”
she says,
as she moves down your naked chest…

the gasp, you stifle…
as you wraith..
under her lips,
close too the ecstasy…
she stops.

removing her top,
to reveal pink bra ..
your hand sweating,
as you unhook..

your breath deep..
almost animalistic
as you place nipple into mouth…
her gasps and writhes,
a cacophony of pleasure…

your hand strokes,
down her spine.
too stomach and jeans…
she allows you to slowly,
remove them…

you are faced with pink knickers,
as you stroke the fabric..
you feel the warmth,
that tells you her body ,
need you too…

the sighs, become moans..
as your fingers gain entry.

more and more..
your member stiffens..
as the time of action comes,
you remove knickers,
with teeth…

now as you kiss back up..
you find her lips,
kiss her most passionately..
her hand reaches,
and places you inside…

you hold back for just a second..
movement almost raw…
animalistic sounds, in the air..
you slow down,
as the orgasm..
reaches it inevitable end..

after pleasure descends..
and hums in the air..
her head lays on your chest,
you feel her spirit trembling…
as you both,
fall in too bliss..

Craig Wallis (c)

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