Memory Lane

by - 2:46 PM

Once after my hectic day, sweat on my fingers, pages thumbled with smears.
I blinked out to the sunlight and heat.
I decided to make a long breath…
Suddenly the world moves so fast and took me to the memory lane, which crawled along and writhed to see; face,eyes,lips,
Without everything else.
A lady with tears,laugh,smiles,
With everything else,
Everyone is in total disguise, seeking her heart, as if they know her heart is hollow not solo.
She followed her dream,
Until she feels whole again and again.

She feels inner pain with aim of gaining a glorious son.
She groans and sneers when the glorious son feels like changing position.
She ate when she doesn’t feel like simply to give food to the nascent one.

I felt pain through my narrow bone marrow which gushes blood to my body through my narrow blood vessels.

I closed my eyes;
Next I see, is the moment she felt the pain that brings out heavy breath l, simply because she want to contribute to the greatness of the world.
She Shouted ,
She scream,
She sneered;
This brings me back from my memory journey.
I swayed,swerved,
Swept and whipped,
Right to left.
The twisted branches lunged and lurched,
Sharp as grasshopper,
As I remember how she kept me from children who were tough, and those who threw words like stones.
This makes me feared the huge winds that took her away from Us.
She really felt pain before she left us behind.

I cried for knowledge which was bitterer than any grief, for there and then; I knew that grief has uses.
Mother disappearance bind the bully’s fist for months and years;
Then I cried for shame,
Then for relief;
It was years past more than two,
When I learnt these.
Its still echoes in my soft tissue,
In my depth of my skull,
Some glorious words said by her,
Proverbial lesson she taught us.
Every blessed day,
Every blessed hours,
Every blessed minute
Every blessed second ; it echoes in my skull;
Happiness turns sadness;
Smiles tuns frowns
Glow turns tears
But in the end
I pulled myself in
As thin as pin
To prayel harder for her to have a perfect rest wherever she is….
DEDICATED TO…….. Mrs. Olabisi Arikeade Felicia Ajayi
Written by: Eyitayo Fasasi

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