Deep thought

by - 4:22 AM

He didn't know how he felt
He was happy one minute
And sad the next.

He would never tell
Anyone how he felt,
He always kept it to
Himself because he
Didn't want to trouble

He stopped gazing
At the mirror because
He always hears the words
You're not capable,
You're worthless ring in
His ears.

He had lost so much
and gained so little.
He felt he wasn't enough
for the society
As well for himself.

He would laugh
And he would smile
But deep down
He knew those
Laughter were empty
And those smiles
Were a lie.

He wanted to escape
Their vicious remarks and their
Constant attacks,
He wanted all the pain
To be gone.

He deserved to live
Just as much as you
And I do.
© Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel

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