Body Care Tips For Women

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As much as we all vie for that perfect face and look, there’s probably one area where we all tend to get a little lazy – taking care of our bodies. While makeup and various other beauty products will do much to enhance our looks, unless and until we take good care of our bodies, the end result won’t always be pleasing. So here are a few body care tips to make sure you take care of your body – inside and outside.

Body Care Tips For Women
1. Treating dark elbows and knees:
Squeeze out some fresh lime juice
Alternatively cut out some fresh lime wedges
Rub these over the dark/discoloured areas around the elbows and knees
Leave on for about 20 minutes
Soak a towel in hot water and scrub over the area
2. Soft glowing skin:
Take 1 tbsp rose water, 1 tbsp glycerine and 1 tbsp lime juice
Mix together and store in a bottle
Apply this daily for about half an hour before bath or at bedtime for soft glowing skin
3. Treating warts around the fingers:
Take a raw potato and slice it
Apply the juice on the area around the nails where you have warts (dried out damaged skin)
Using a piece of cotton, massage the area gently
Wash off after about 10 minutes
4. Treating puffy tired eyes:

Take some cotton balls and rose water
Dip the cotton ball in the rose water and place these over the eyes
Keep on for about 20 minutes
Lie back and relax
It will help treat any puffiness you have around the eyes and also help relieve tired eyes
5. To get smooth skin:
Take 5 tsp olive oil and about 50 gm papaya paste
Mix the two together
Apply over dry areas on the skin
Do this twice daily to get naturally smooth ski
6. Face mask to treat wrinkles around the eyes:
Take 3 tsp raw milk and 3 tsp honey
Mix both together

Warm the mixture slightly
Apply this around the eye region and leave on for about 30 minutes
Wash off with warm water
This is a natural solution to reduce and prevent wrinkles around the eye region
7. Natural conditioner for hair:
Take some raw milk (preferably cold)
Before bathing, apply this over your hair using a brush to comb through, or using your fingertips or using a spray bottle
Leave this on for about 30 minutes
Wash off with your regular shampoo
Milk acts as a natural conditioner, leaving your hair soft and silky

8. Reduce dark spots:
Take 1 cup of curd and 1 egg
Mix both together
Apply on your face, especially over any dark spots
Leave on for about 1 hour
Wash your face with water
It will help lighten and reduce any dark spots on your face
Will also make the skin naturally glowing
9. Reduce dandruff:
Take a hibiscus flower and mash to get the juice out
Apply this on your scalp, especially over dandruff-affected areas
Leave on for about 1-2 hours
Rinse off with cold water
Do this twice a week to reduce dandruff
10. Softening rough hands and feet:
Take half cup of curd and half tsp vinegar
Mix together
Massage this over your hands, palm and feet
Leave on for about 5-10 minutes
Wash off with regular water Nigeria/Free1KVoucher/250x250.jpg

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