I’m too young

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*I'm Too Young!*

Yesterday in a conversation with *Temitope Ilesanmi* after years of social media mentoring, we got to the eclipse of the discussion when he asked about my writing career and the zeal I have for public speaking, I would have love to give out a thrilling response that will make his heart cocooned in his soul, but so sweet to say, an exhilarating statement I uttered; *I'm Too Young*. You're Too Young! He exclaimed! Yes! I'm too young, I'm too young to motivate, I'm too young to stand up there speaking on the value of humanity, I'm too young to be a purpose teacher, I'm too young to face the crowd - not being glossophobia, not the phobia of criticism, BUT the phobia of "What experience(s) have I garnered in life, to become a public speaker? Should age be a barrier needed to break limitations? He asked; Without Scepticism, he said and  not been mendacious, I'm in between the age of 20-25. Veridical! If a Young Boy of 19 sits with union leaders of various countries across the globe to make decisions, then why will you be too young to mount the podium and speak. 

Without any modicum of doubt, there's always a solution you have to every man's problem, irrespective of your age, you can only utilize the solution, when you must have make research(es) on how well you can solve man's problem. The rich will never give out some amount of money to you whether huge or bantam, but will always give a listening ear to what you have to offer. If you can offer something great like I once did sometimes ago, you'll get what you want in million folds, just like I got mine too. 

Am I too young to get money from the rich? No! But I think I'm too young to speak, I'm too young to lead, I'm too young to stand for humanity, I'm too young cause I couldn't value my potentials at the due time. Would I have to wait till thirty's before utilizing? I'll answer that myself. Whatever you know how to do, do it well, someone somewhere might be watching, mind not the environment you find yourself in, mind not the peers around you, mind not the negative limitations you have encountered, your calling is to be utilized, you're called to speak, SPEAK! You're called to write, WRITE, you're called to talk, TALK. Someone out there needs your treasury words for pleasure, meet the heart of man with whatever you know how to do best. Don't Quit Being You!!!!

(I'm your favourite writer venerated by the generation of admirers) 

*Opadeji Samuel Olumide*
Master Upon The Pen ✍

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