Reflection of Journey in Life

by - 2:43 PM

There are times when it feels like there are no treasures deep within myself; my soul. There are times my heart is in an abyss of emotions with rough ragged cliffs of hopeless reality, whipped and eroded by dark winds of obsoleteness and denial.

 There are times when the moon is old. My heart is an ocean of secrets, an endless sky in all its silver dusted glory. I reside in the beauty of simplicity; in the silence of the night, soft tender and enveloping light of the moon, the preceded wonder of the stars and the love of simple truth.
Every night the stars are invisible from my window, everyday i cant see the moon but I still hope and dream even when the raging storms deny me the right to fly among the stars.

The stars cry; tears from my the heavens as rain. i let the moon keep its promise. I let myself love
silently; in words, heart and soul. before one can know the true liberation of death, or feel the selfless zeal of life, or make a promise as a self, one must learn to let go, to hold on, to move on.

Before i can learn how to die, i must learn how to cry.

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