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I am a Nigerian Citizen, from the Middle Belt Region, from Plateau State the beautiful city, from Plateau Central Senatorial District, this is not in dispute.
It is true there was an attack in Kombun District of Mangu LGA of Plateau State - One of the so many gruesome records on the peace loving people of and in Plateau State.
I am not just prompted to write about this attack and gruesome, unprovoked and irrational babaric act of the wake of yesterday, but to call on the government of Plateau State, Nigeria and indeed the international communities to arise to this wake up call to discharge the first fundamental duty to the people, to wit, the protection of lives and properties.
There is no government without people. There are no people without security.
Your Excellency the Executive Governor of Plateau State Sir, Rt. Hon. Barr (Dr) Simon Bako Lalong, your citizens require your attention and positive action.
Beyond the usual statement of condolence and condening the acts of "unknown gun men", we humbly call on your attention to the reality that the GUNS ARE CARRIED BY MEN and they follow through physical roads and terrains to destroy and unleash hell on the people under your care with particular mention (but not restricted) to communities in Barkin Ladi, Riyom, Bassa, Mangu, Jos East, Jos North, Pankshin and indeed the entire state. It is audible to the deaf and clear to the blind that GUNS DONT CARRY THEMSELVES.
Sir, Your state, Your Excellency requires to see security and feel security, it should go beyond the radio statements usually aired in news and the round tables of discussions with bottles of water and snacks going round... "the blood of the innocent is being discussed on tables" while they are being burried in the graves".
The trust of political power is to deliver on the mandate of the people...you can deliver, you are more than capable...it is nothing for you, Your Excellency to set practical measures to achieving this...such that the people themselves will confirm and sing the success stories, you have the power to set people directly responsible for the security of the people who should in turn answer for any flow and attack and, indeed, should be answerable for every security breach under their watch and be able to explain to Plateau people what went wrong, and if not satisfactorily answered, the can face the book....
Questions worthy of being asked are.. are there no particular persons saddled with the duty of Manning the security in Plateau state? Do they not owe the people a public satisfactory explanation as to what is happening? Are those responsible for the security in Plateau state also unknown?
Just to mention, your Excellency sir, the people have been looking out to hear that someone by now should have resigned from office because the security of the people have been rampantly and helplessly circumvented, or to hear that someone has been dismissed or suspended or prosecuted in connection with the relentless massacres and brazing display of confident lawlessness and wickedness displayed in Plateau State, but it seem we are oblivous of the reports in the international community about modern trends of ensuring sure security, at least, responsible security for the people.
We need answers to questions...we need names and faces...we need known men to answer known questions from known discreet investigation and intelligence.
With these few points of mine, Your Excellency Sir, I am sure we have an agenda mapped out so we set the records clear and straight. PLATEAU NEEDS YOUR URGENT PRACTICAL ATTENTION AND ACTION.
While the government swings into action in a more responsive and tactical manner, I humbly call on all Plateau citizens and lovers of Plateau to maintain the peace and fully partake in assisting security operatives with necessary information in curbing these occurrences.
Plateau, please accept my kind condolences.
We are all grieving!!!
May our hearts receive God's comfort. Amen

Hon. P.M Lere Esq
Principal Officer, Nigerian Youth Parliament
Member Representing Plateau Central

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